Health club programs can’t be exactly right for you. Physiques’N’Weeks concentrates on YOUR individual needs by providing the motivation, inspiration, and leadership you will need to reach and maintain your personal fitness goals. I’ll be working with you as a partner every step of the way.

As your private trainer, I’ll make you stick to it. It’s up to me to get you the body YOU want. I’ll lead you through your personal training program until you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. But I don’t stop there. I work for long-term results – not quickly fading artificial solutions. I provide comfortable, livable, and enjoyable personal fitness routines to keep you in shape forever. You’ll train hard, but train smart.

We’ll begin with a comprehensive consultation. Next, I work together with you to formulate an on-going personal exercise prescription. You set your own goals; whether it is firming and toning, weight loss, or specific sport training. Physiques’N’Weeks oversees every detail of your personal training program, including skilled nutritional guidance and education. Fine tuning is done by carefully charting and monitoring your progress.


Physiques’N’Weeks offers sports specific training for all sports and individuals and/or teams. We have worked with professional athletes, as well as, entire teams (middle school thru college).

The basis of this program is to focus on training that will successfully translate to the particular sport of our clientele. Our SST (Sports Specific Training) programs are very detail oriented and provide a systematic approach that can be easily incorporated with specific skill utilization. We work closely with coaches and all informed parties to inspire that each program is designed with exact specificity to individual and/or team goals.


  • Phase 1-Corrective 
  • Phase 2-Strength Endurance 
  • Phase 3-Hypertrophy
  • Phase 4-Maximal Strength 
  • Phase 5-Power
  • Phase 6-Maximal Power

PNW follows up with our clientele on a weekly basis. However, a fitness expert is available to answer questions daily.

Individualized Meal Plans are available in accordance with particular training goals, sport, and position.

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Meal plans are designed and custom made to fit your fitness goals and training program. Each plan has a duration of 4 weeks and will be adjusted by me accordingly.

Cost: $60

Here are a few tips:

  • Prepare your meals ahead of time
  • Record your daily food intake
  • Be Consistent and Accountable

COMING SOON: Physiques’N’Weeks Meal Prep and Delivery Service!!!

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