Enrique M.Ft. Lauderdale
It was exciting to watch the the numbers on the scale go down as muscles started to appear where there was once lots of flab. I feel like a different person, and I am a different person. Thank you, Jason, for believing in me and keeping me on track when I wanted to get off the track.
Douglas PMiami
Jason regularly texted and emailed to keep tabs on what I was eating and my morning weight on the days I did not meet with him. Even when I wanted to cheat on my diet and not register the consequences on the scale, Jason always kept me honest and accountable. Without his guidance, I would not have had the discipline to do it on my own.
Rob A.Brickell
Jason taught me what my particular nutritional needs are and which foods I can eat to satisfy them. I feel so much better both physically and mentally now, and I am able to keep up with my 2 boys. I owe it all to Jason and his diligence, example and encouragement. Thank you!!!
VanessaMs. Hooter’s International Miami
With much enthusiasm and a little under five weeks to train my body for a competitive international swimsuit pageant, I turned to Jason Goodrich to help me achieve a phenomenal bikini body. He customized a meal plan and different workout routines to help me reach my personal goal.

I really enjoyed how every workout with Jason was unique and challenging. In less than five weeks of training everyday, my body had gone through a complete transformation. I gained muscle definition and shredded fat. I was gratified with my results. His training made me feel very confident with getting on stage in a bikini and strutting.

He is a delight to work with. Jason is a magnificent trainer, motivator and friend who has helped me to attain personal fitness goals. I recommend him to the highest degree if a challenging and rewarding experience is what you are looking to achieve!
My experience training with Jason Goodrich was probably on of the most gratifying experiences in my life. Through Jasons personal training program I was educated and motivated from the get go. He believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. You’ll accomplish things you thought you couldn’t do and you will break down the walls of self doubt.

Along with a great diet plan and a dynamic work out routine, I was able to drop 81 lbs in three months. It’s now been almost one year since I started training with Physiques N Weeks and I’ve lost a total of 155 lbs . I still use the lessons I learned about dieting and exercise daily.

This program works and I’m living proof . It really did save my life.
I met Jason Goodrich on June 15, 2009 and my life changed for good.

I am 50 years old and overweight. Since meeting Jason and starting my transformation, I have lost 52 pounds and 4 sizes. Training with him is amazing. The program is challenging but still simple enough for beginners and overweight individuals to handle.

When we started out, it was baby steps and now I can leg press 200 pounds. I used to get tired just walking from the car to my office, now I can walk a 5K in 48 minutes.

Aside from the workouts, Jason has taught me how to eat correctly. I now make sensible choices, even when I am out to dinner with friends. I keep active each and every day.

I now have a foreseeable goal which I used to think was unattainable.

I thank him so much for giving me the opportunity to work with him. If you have the right combination of knowledge and determination to succeed, anything is possible. Jason rocks!
Mercy F.Miami Beach
I began working out with Jason on January 5, 2009. I weighed 203 pounds, had a blockage in one artery, and had already experienced a TIA (mini-stoke). It was difficult to play with my three active grandchildren because I was so out of shape.

Over the course of the next 6 1/2 months, Jason totally changed my eating habits, stretched me physically beyond what I ever thought I was capable of, and toned my obese body into one that weighs in at 146 , which is within the normal range. I met with him three times a week with my roommate and training partner. Together we encouraged one another on as we went through the circuit trainings that Jason had designed with our particular body needs in mind.